Monument to Self.

In 2 Sam 18:18, we find the story of Absolom a very vain young man.  He spent much of his life in the shadow of his father David.  Absolom was a very ambitous young man and he was willing to do whatever was necessary to fulfill his ambition.  Absolom for more than four years conspired against his father to overthrow him.  He was successful and caused a civil war.  This civil war caused great bloodshed and eventually led to Absolom’s death.  Absolom spent his life trying to be someone, he even built a monument to himself.  There have been many people in history life him.  Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines built a monument to himself but it was later destroyed by the same people that built it.  Men all over the world have built monuments to themselves only later have them destroyed.  Jesus put it very simply.  We are to build treasures in heaven, they will never rust, be destroyed or stolen like Absolom’s.