More than a Profession of Faith

In Matt 7:21-23, Jesus is talking about more than a simple profession of faith.  Here there are people calling Him Lord who did not even know Him.  Today there are certain cults that have Jesus in their presentations and they even say they serve Jesus but the Jesus they present is not the Jesus of the Bible.  Some of these groups say that Jesus is the younger brother of satan or that He was a created being.  Jesus not satan’s younger brother or a created being.  He is God with a face.  The perfect union of the natural and the divine.  John puts in John 1:1, Jesus was with God and is God.  Calling Himself God was the core issue of why Jesus was crucified.  When Jesus claimed to be the way, the truth, the life and the only way to God, He meant it.  One of the central truths of the gospel is the fact that Jesus is God and through His death, burial, resurrection, broken body and shed blood we have salvation and forgiveness.  What is very tragic is that these Christian cults and the people who follow them will one day find themselves before the Lord telling Him how great they served Him and then find out He did not know them and they were deceived.  Can you imagine all your life believing a lie and going to a lost eternity.  That is the deception of cults.  Pray that they have their eyes opened before it is too late.  I grew up in Southern Alberta and for two years I was in one of these cults as a teenager.  I am so grateful the Lord saved me and pulled me out of that deception.  Let us pray that God would do the same for others.  Instead of mocking them or slamming our doors in their faces, let us pray and believe God to rescue them.  Who knows God may use us to help in the process.