Morning Star

Feb 19 – The ruler and Morning Star – Rev 2:27-29

Vs 27 – Jesus is the one who will reign with an iron scepter. His reign will be strong, righteous and powerful. He will not tolerate sin. All who oppose Him will be crushed like pottery. Iron always crushes pottery. This authority was given to Him by the Father. Jesus reigns and rules on high. Jesus is our model for obedience. He triumphed by his work and we will as well through what we do for Him.

Vs 28 – Jesus then promises to give them the morning star. This star symbolism reflects the Old Testament and inter-testament emphasis on the “celestial” or heavenly nature of the coming Messiah. William Barclay suggested several ideas. He thought the expression could signify the coming resurrection of the righteous. Just as the “morning star” breaks forth from the darkness of night, so the Lord’s people will break out of the darkness of the grave. Later, however, he came to a different conclusion. The morning star is Christ himself. We shall receive Christ Himself. We have been promised we shall see as He is and become like Him. What a great thought.