Mother of The Year Nominations


(nominated by Gionabel),




Last week, we invited you to tell us what made your Mom so special, here’s what you told us:

Shirlyn talks about her mom Dorothy:
“my mom deserves to win because she is the best mom because she always makes you happy”

Tara nominated her Mom Gwen:
“My mom has not had the easiest life.  Despite her many hurts and hardships, however, she has always been the best mother and now grandmother.  From placing warm faceclothes on our forheads to wake us up for school every morning when we were young, to sitting in emergency rooms with us and our own children until wee hours in the morning now that we’re grown. She has always held down one or two jobs yet managed to raise 2 young daughters by herself for many years, still somehow finding the time to sew our doll clothes and dress us in matching outfits. To this day, my mom is the "glue" that holds my family together. She is my spiritual mentor and blesses the lives of everyone she meets.  Just recently, as I battled an illness, my mom was with me every step of the way.  She phoned me every morning to encourage me and pray with me. I would come home from work to find 2 nights of suppers prepared with a note saying something like, "just bake at 350 for one hour".  One of the biggest blessings of my life has been my Mom. I cannot imagine how my life would have turned out had SHE not been the mama God gave me. She is tough as nails when necessary but has loving, gentle hands and arms to melt into as well. For these reasons and about a million more, my mom deserves to win the "Mother of the Year" Award.”

Maria sent us this about her mom Andrea:
“She always takes the extra step for my little sister and me. Some times it can be vary hard example like the time she got divorce because she saw how misstreated we were. And some very easy to do example helping me cop with dyslexia which masks it hard to spell words right and she helps my little sister with her math home work every night. Mom is also vary busy with her job as someone who works with kids with special needs and who gos to school on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I think she disservice this award!”

Carolina talks about her Mom, Gladys:
“My mom deserves the award because after having been abandoned by my father with 5 children she decided to go back to school to be a nurse to try and give us a better life. Everyone said "You can’t, especially with the language barrier" She had a full time job and studied as hard as she could. A few years later after having achieved her goal, she still works hard, loves us and will do anything for us. When I have a bad day or something is not going right, she’s always able to work it out, listen patiently and at the end of it all give you a hug and have a smile on her face. Everyone I meet that knows her just loves her, she has a very sweet and humble spirit. My mom’s faith in the Lord is what got us through and I love her for being the rock of my family and for always sharing her testimony of God with us. Now that she’s a grandmother if you could see how much her grandkids love her (6 of them under 4!), and how much she loves them it would bring tears of joy to anybodys eyes. She’s an angel in disguise!!”

Alyson, about her Mom, Willa:
“My mom deserves mother of the year because of everything she does, not just for me and my siblings, but also for others. My mom is a nurse and ever day that she works, she brightens others lives. My mom also volunteers every summer for a summer camp for people with disabilities. She is the nurse there, and everyone loves her. She has cured many ailments of homesickness, as well as giving precious teddy bears much needed stitches. Many people go away from camp, remembering my mom, and how great she is. She is a role model for so many people, me included.  She has not always had a clean bill of health, but through it all she has always remained positive. She praises the Lord in all that she does, whether by word or deed. She is amazing, and wonderful. She supports my family in so many ways, blessing us daily with who she is. She is always on the go, putting others before herself. She is my rock and my support.”

Christina tells us about her Mom, Elizabeth:
“Since I got married 4 years ago, she has been a pillar of support and encouragement for me.  With each arrival of my three daughters, she has given me her wisdom and support in ways I never could have imagined.  With three daughters of her own, my mom has always been there for me and my sisters.  My sister just had her first baby, and my mother was there for her for the first 3 days straight.  She truly is a wonderful mother!”

Glen, Myron, Cheryl tell us about Lily:
“Our mom has been a loving and caring mother for over 69 years.  She cared for us when we were little, encouraged us to grow up and continues to encourage us every day with a phone call or two.  She also provided for our spiritual growth and prays for us every day.
Love you Mom”

Stephen talks about his mom:
“My mom has always had a mothering quality about her, raising 4 children of her own, me being the youngest went to Elementary school went back to teaching Elementary school.  Having 4 kids is a tough feat but to add to this my brother has down syndrome which adds to the work load which my mom handles well. Now that we are older she continues to look our for us kids, and now is taking care of her grand kids 5 days a week who are now about 18 month old twin boys.  On top of all of this she is still willing to help out anyone who comes to her in need asking for costumes at church or baking goodies, she is always willing to help out.”

Brionna nominated her Mom, Kim:
“There are four kids in my family, me, my sister, and two brothers.   She also runs the kids program at my church.    This makes for quite a bit of work for my mom, but she never complains, in fact she is ALWAYS cheerful and happy!!  She jokes with us and spends time with us, my mom is the Greatest and here are some reaons why…  She is kind .  She punishes us so we can learn from our mistakes!!  She always gives us kisses and hugs and makes sure that we know we are special and that she loves us.  She fills are days with fun.  Even though she is busy she lets us take track, hockey, and piano, she drives us to EVERY meet!!   She makes a home-cooked delicous supper each night.  She sometimes takes us out to eat.  She makes sure we get good Christian education.   She stands up for us if we are being bullied or if something is unfair.  She makes a point to attend everything that our school is doing that we have a part in.   She apologizes if something she does is wrong.  She tucks us in at night!!   She encourages us…the list could go on forever, but I know that my mom loves me, she shows it in her actions and deeds!   She is definatley the best mom in the world!!!!!!!”

Caleb talks about his Mom, Virginia;
“My mom should win the Mother’s Day package because she is a good example of a loving and hard working mother. She always puts me and my 5 siblings before her self. When me and my sisters and my little brother were sick a few weeks ago, my mom was up alot of times a night util we were better. My Mom is also a very good cook and baker. Plese consider my mom because she so diserves it.”

Gionabel talks about her “adopted” mom, Aida:
“Actually,she is not my biological mother,but she has been a real mother to me since I got here in Edmonton last May 2008. I am a foreign worker from the Philippines and I asked GOD for a church & HE gave me Southside Pentecostal Assembly. Through SPA that I get to know her. SPA has a ministry called Filipino Christian Fellowship which was started by her 20 years ago & it grew bigger and bigger. Everyone in the fellowship calls her "Mommy Aida", because of her traits as motherly to all. She started a bible study in her apartment,accommodating Filipinos who need refuge,shelter,food, and all that she could give. GOD bless the work of her hands that the senior pastor of SPA offered her to use the sanctuary for the small fellowship. She has a husband,Rolando Garcia,which we also call, "Daddy Lando" and they have a son named Jordan,11 years of age. She worked at night at the Shepherd’s Care to give full attention to Jordan in the daytime.Driving him to & from school.Giving him all the support in his hobbies & even activities to enhance his talents. Once in a while,the 3 of them go for a long drive or just a simple dinner outside for their bonding. Though they are busy, their home is open 24/7 for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on & a listening ear. They offer sweet smile,warm hug,delicious food,good advice & everything they could give. Every Saturday evening,we have bible study in their home,Mommy Aida would cook for the dinner. Sometimes,she works after the bible study but before she leaves,she makes sure that our bed is ready because some of us are sleeping over that we can go all together to church the next day. By the time we wake up,she just came from work but still full of energy getting ready for the church. She & Daddy Lando join the choir. While Jordan is busy with the youth ministry. Mommy Aida is also preparing our lunch in the church because by 1:30pm,the Filipino Fellowship starts. She also prepares for the songs & program for the service. Though,she is that busy,she has been selfless in helping others. Like the way she helped Ana Marquina,a member of the fellowship,who once was pregnant,her husband was still in the Philippines & had no family here. Mommy Aida did not worked for 3 days just to bring Ana to the hospital to give birth to AJ & took good care of them. Mommy Aida, Daddy Lando & Jordan let Ana & AJ stay in their home straight from the hospital to ensure their needs are met. That is why I believe she is worthy and deserving to win the `Mother of the Year` Award.”

Janessa, says this about her Mom, Rachel:
“My mom raises four children. She home schools me and takes me to ballet once a week. One of the children is just two. She takes three of us to soccer twice a week on the same day in different fields. She also works hard at Capital Health Link and is helping my dad get through his apprenticeship as a electrician.My mom has to prepare dinner, find a baby-sitter for me and my baby sister, then finally rushes off to work at 1:30 She even comes home from work at eleven 11:00 to load the dishwasher.”

Kelsey nominated MaryAnn:
“My mom deserves to win "Mother of the Year" because she is great and does everything for me. She will take me shopping at the mall on Saturday’s even though she doesn’t like it and it’s really busy. My mom teaches me whats right and wrong and disciplines me when I need it. If she did not discipline me I would not appreciate her as much as i do now. if i want or need something she usually stops what she is doing and helps me. My mom is a GREAT cook and I appreciate her for cooking every night, well almost every night. I am so very fortunate to have a mom like my mom because many kids don’t have great cooks, or moms that teach you lessons, or even care about them. So I Know my mom should be "Mother of the Year" because she truly is the perfect mom.”

Also nominating MaryAnn was Taylor:
“my mom deserves to be the winner of the mother of the year contest because she is awesome.that’s all i need to say, shes awesome.”

Maddison nominated Audrey:
“She’s been a great mom.  I love my mom for many reasons, for taking me to church and even teaching
Kings Kids. She helps me with my homework and takes me to special stuff like the movies and concerts.She should get the award because I love her and thats why.”

Ashley said this about Verna:
“My mom deserves to win the Mother of the Year Award because of the example of pure and honest love she showed to my brother, sister and I. When my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor last April, she became the ultimate picture of unconditional love. Through his time in the hospital dad had terrible experiances that shook the whole family, but my mom stood strong and held the family together. When money started to run low she began cleaning houses to provide income. Even though she is always busy she still takes the time drive us to youth and school, as well as take dad to all his appointments as dad lost most of his sight bbecause of the tumor. My mom is the best because she taught us through her actions that the picture of true love is to stay with those you care for and sacrifice your time and energy to keep them safe and healthy. It is a lesson I will always remember and will carry into my relationships in the future.”

Jeremy nominated his Mom, Lisa:
“My mom deserves this award for many reasons. She has always been there for me, supporting me in everything I do. From sports to school to friends, she has never discouraged me. She always helps me when I ask, no matter what it is. Also she never forgets anything to do with work or household tasks or taking care of her family and friends. as well my mom has me do chores and help around the house which teaches me discipline and helps me to be responsible. I could never imagine what my life would have been without her.”

Desmond tells us about his Mom, Charmaine:
“She is allways doing chores. she does lots of fun activities and also helps me with my homework”

Madi had this to say about Lynne:
“I think my mom deservs this award because she is caring, is always doing things for other people and never does anything for herself. I look up to my mom and I want to to things nice for her starting with this. She is a total blessing and I wouldn’t be the young lady I am today without her.”

Ty had this to say about Monica:
“Yes, she always goes the extra mile.  She spends every day reading to us, playing with us.  She always gets playdates for us.  She pushes us to our limit.  She kisses us goodnight every day and shows us what love really is.  She shows us every day what is important in life – love and family.  Our mom sacrifices so much of herself for her family.  She is number 1.”

Alyshia nominated Jacquie:
“My mom has homeschooled me, my brothers and sisters for eighteen years now. When God told us to go to Morocco for my dads work she packed all of us (there were seven of us at the time, and she was pregnant with number eight) without complianing, and she still homeschooled us in Morocco! Through all the tough days that living in Morocco brought, she lived each day, trusting in God to give her the strength that she needed.  Even though she has so many kids, she has been able to show specal love to all of us, both individually and as a group. She has passsed on a firm faith and great love for God to all of us.  With 18 years of homeschooling and parenting left, she still has a positive attitude. We, Alyshia(18), Brooke(17), Ryan(16), Christina(14), Victoria(13), Mariah(11), Megan(8), Taylor(7), Jennifer(4), and Shawna(15 months), her kids, would love to see her named "Mom of the Year"!”

Charmain tells us about her mom, Fern:
“my mom deserves to win the mother of the year award because she loves me and cares so much about me. She is considerate, and she makes sacrifices so I can be happy. my mom cares about others and is always there for me. i love my mom lots. my mom is an awesome person.she definitely deserves to be the mother of the year; no doubt about it!”

Renee had this to say about her Mom, Bev:
“My Mom deserves to win the "Mother of the Year" Award because she goes above and beyond the job description of what a mother does. My Mom comes to all of her four children’s extra curricular activities. She comes to every hockey game, and cheers like a trooper even though she doesn’t know what’s going on. She is willing to put on hold her own plans to help with home work projects that have been forgotten and is always willing to help out in any way she can at our local school, church and any where else help is needed. My mom always goes above expectations waking up extra early to make sure she gets to talk to our grandpa before going to work or making muffins for breakfast for her family. She’s the one who quietly goes about doing the dirty work like clearing a table or taking out the trash even though its not her responsibility. She’s smart and creative helping to create outfits for special dress up days at school. My mom challenges all of us to do our best in school and help us reach our potential by quizzing us and helping us see what the best decision to make is.  Overall my mother deserves to win because she loves her family and demonstrates God’s love through her actions of love towards those around her.”

Joanne sent us this about Leona:
“My Mom worked three jobs when I was a young and did correspondance courses to further educate herself so that she could provide us kids with the things she did not have as a young girl.  She took us on ski trips and to B.C. for summer vacation.  She often did without, to give to us and others.  She is selfless, taught us about the importance of faith and has always built us up.  Even now, being retired, Mom babysits my siblings kids, goes to their soccer, basketball and volleyball games, as well as fesh’s and other recitals.  Mom lives life to the fullest and has taught us to do the same.  Not only is she a great Mom, byt a great Grandma as well.  I could not have asked for a better Mom and friend.”

Renee says this about Sharon:
“My Mother Deserves the Mother of the year award because she is fun, extremly nice,she plays games with me and my sis and she Loves me. She’s smart and is always there for you when you need her. My mom is  also the best because She is soooo Pretty she loves to sing. I love my mom. My mom is the beast mom in the enitre world.”

Janelle nominated her Mom, Joyce:
“My mom goes above and beyond for me each day throughout the year. I am married with a 6 year old boy and 4 year old girl. I work full time and am also in full time University Studies (Nursing at U of A). My life is extremely, crazy busy with work, school and the family. My mom picks me up every single morning, comes into the house and helps my husband & I get the kids ready for school. She drives me to and from work/school each day – which includes sitting for long periods and waiting (patiently I need to add) at the end of each day. She has been bringing me a Tim Horton’s coffee and muffin every single morning to start my day since school started in September ’08. Every second weekend she comes to my house and gathers all my dirty laundry and takes it to the laundromat and washes it all for me; she returns it all neatly folded! She babysits the kids anytime I ask – in order to get rest and do homework, or give me and the hubby a quite evening. Another huge sacrifice my mom makes for me is that anytime the kids are sick or have appointments, she will take the day off work to be with the kids. She does not want me missing work or school. This means she uses her own vacation hours throughout the year to accommodate me! My mom has done all this and more without ever complaining! She is so sweet and patient and selfless. The Lord has certainly blessed me with a gracious and loving mom!!”