My Refuge

May 23 – My Refuge – Psalm 57:1-3

     My refuge is a continuing theme through Psalms.  For the next three days we will look at Psalm 57.  This psalm was written when David was fleeing Saul. David recorded and sang about his struggles during that time as both a testimony and as an outlet for his plight.  David asks the Lord for mercy then asks the Lord to provide for him a refuge.  He uses the metaphor of the Lord being an eagle and in his wings He will provide refuge until the disaster has passed.

     Next, David cried out to the Lord.  He calls Him the Lord Most High.  There is no one greater or stronger than the Lord.  David knows that God has a purpose for his life and he wanted it fulfilled.  Is that you cry and heart’s desire?

      The Lord will send help from heaven and save us.  The Lord will rebuke those that are pursuing His people.  The Lord will send his love and faithfulness. Great promises today.  One time during the Mau Mau rebellion in Africa.  A group of men decided to attack a mission school but were thwarted by a large group of men surrounding the school.  It was discovered later that this group of men were angels sent from God to protect that school.  God promises to protect His people he might even use angels to make that happen.  So trust in the Lord He is your refuge.