My Little Light

In Matt 5:16, Jesus tells us that we are to let our light shine among men that they will glorify the Father  for who and what we are.  Our influence as a Christian is important because we are a showcase for the Lord.  When I was first a Christian a little song was very popular.  It was called, "This little light of mine."  The message behind the song was that where ever we were we were to be a little light for Jesus.   As Christians we are God’s representatives here on this planet.  We show Jesus in our thoughts, words, deeds, attitudes, motives perceptions and reactions.  People will either be drawn or replused by the lifestyle we present.  We when decide to let Jesus have every part of our lives people are drawn because they see Jesus and not us.  There is a little song that says, "Jesus on the inside, happy happy home."  This verse states that when we let our light shine before men the reaction of those around us will be that they will glorify God and celebrate your good deeds.  Good deeds is not the focus it is your life in Christ that is.  So today go and shine for Jesus.  John Wesley said, "He wanted to be a torch for Jesus."  Burn for Him today.