My Salvation – Psalm 118:21


The writer here states that the Lord has been His salvation and he will praise the Lord for that fact.  He also wanted to thank the Lord for answers to prayer.  Many times in our prayers we spend so much time telling God what we want and need that we often forget to thank Him for what He has done.  Sometimes we forget that we are talking the creator of the universe.  God can become too familiar to us.  We must remember He is the God who saved us.

There is one fact that cannot escape our attention and that is we cannot save ourselves.  Our salvation is a work of grace and love on the part of God.  It is through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone that we are saved.  Our righteousness is like dirty rags.  So when God hears and answers our prayers it is because of grace and love alone.  Never view God as a vending machine who pops out answers to prayers.   He is the sovereign God.  He answers your requests because of love and grace alone but remember that is enough.