My Sheep know my voice

In John 10:27, Jesus says that those who are His sheep know His voice and they follow Him.  What a privilege it is to know Jesus Christ.  To hear His voice and follow Him.  There are many voices in the world calling for us to follow them.  There is the voice of materialism which says, "Follow me and I will make you rich and the things I give you will secure you success."  In reality what happens is that the things we possess actually possess us.  There is the voice of pride and education.  It tells people that if they become more educated or get a better degree that will bring security and success in life.  Most times you have a smart, educated fool.  The voice of pleasure and passion says that it will make you pretty, sexy and successful but in reality like the Samaritan woman it leaves a series of broken relationships and empty dreams.  There is the voice of religion that promises you peace in life when all it does is binds you in a bunch of rules and regulations.  Jesus said, hose who come to Him will be set free.  He will give peace that passes all understanding.  He will bring us to the Father and we will become the children of God.  When we come to Christ we are His sheep.  We get to know His voice and we want to follow Him.  Jesus gives us abundant and eternal life.  Today meditate on this truth and get to know Christ better to follow Him and know His voice.