Mysteries of God

John 5:1-47


What an amazing time we are having in this passage.  Today Jesus will again unlock more mysteries of God for us.  Today we will learn about honouring God, eternal life, future events, life in God and pleasing God.


1.       Jesus states bluntly that whoever does not honour the Son does not honour the Father who sent.  Many monotheistic religions love the concept of the Father hood of God but they fail to see the significance of Trinity or even deny it.  Jesus makes it clearly that when you honour and accept Him you are honouring the Father.

2.       Whoever believes the words of the Son will have eternal life.  They will cross from death unto life.  Peter stated in Caesarea Philippi that only Jesus had the words of eternal life.

3.       Jesus tells the people of that day about the rapture.  When the dead hear the voice of God they shall live.  This also happened when Jesus died on the cross.  Many people were raised from the dead and were seen through the city.

4.       The Father and Son have life in themselves.  They are the source of life.  The time is coming when all shall rise and those who believe will have life and those who did not believe will be condemned.  Belief and trust have powerful consequences to them.  Eternal consequences.

5.       Jesus tells that by Himself he can do nothing, He does what the father tells Him to do.  Jesus judges only by what He hears and judgment is just for He seeks to please the Father.  The harmony and unity between the Father and the Son during Jesus’ earthly ministry is amazing.  The obedience to the Father is an example for us to follow.  Seek to please God, do what He says and there will be harmony and unity between you and Him.