Need For Revival

This week I am going to going to leave my studies on Christ to talk about the need for Revival.  Revival is something dreamed about people who are tired of formal religion and lack of spiritual progress.  In Canada and in Alberta we are blessed because we have some of the largest Christian gatherings in Canada.  In the city of Edmonton we have Breakforth the largest music and equipping conference of its kind in Canada.  We also have YC which is the largest youth conference of its kind in Canada.  Yet even here in this province we need revival.  Recently I did a interview with James Penner a professor at University of Lethbridge.  He did a study on the youth and young adult demographic and why they were leaving the churc.  He said his information showed that 2 out of every three young people who grow up in the church will leave by the age 20.  Now there is hope because of Prov 22:6, which states that when you train a child in the way they should go when they are old they will not depart from it.  But that does not keep them from years of heart ache.  Here is a reality.  Every day we do not have a revival our children get more bombarded by the power of the world.  Everyday we do not have revival the worldly influence on the church gets stronger.  It is time the people of God stand up and say no more.  We need to humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways.  The promise is that the Lord will hear from heaven and heal our land.  The responsibility for our nation turning around is in the hand of the Christian.  Let us not drop the ball again.  I know I have determined that I will not.  Will you join me this week in praying for a breakthrough?