Never give up

In Gal 6:9, the apostle Paul gives each of us a powerful exhortation and a life verse.  It basically says that we are to never give up. Do not grow weary in doing good.  That means that when we are about the masters business we must never give up on doing good.  There are times when if feels that we are not getting anywhere but that is the farthest thing from the truth.  God is working behind the scene.  It is during these times we need put our trust in God.  Paul then says that in due season we will reap a harvest.  David said in the Psalms that those who sow with tears will reap with joy.  That means that as we go about the work of the Lord in time God will reward us.  The exhortation is to never give up.  So today even though from time to time you do not see a break through stay the course and God will give you a harvest.  The real secret is never giving up.  Trust God and keep trucking and you will see your victory.