Never look at a woman the wrong way.

In Job 31:1, Job had made a covenant with himself that he would never look lustfully on a woman.  Jesus said that if we look at a woman with lust in our heart that it is sin.  God has made it very clear on this subject.  It is very hard to not be tempted in our society because it pushes sexuality in every area of life.  One time a young man came to a minister to discuss this subject.  The young man was really struggling with this.  The minister gave him a sound piece of advice.  He told the young man that when ever he felt the temptation he should think and quote scripture.  The young man did this and the problem became less and less each time.  About 80% of men have struggled with this problem from time to time in their lives.  Many have overcome this by allowing themselves to be so much in love with their wives that the problem soon disappears.  Unfortunately more and more men are struggling wiith this.  This is evident by the fact that the pornography business grosses billions of dollars every year.  The internet has also been a strong proponent of this vice.  God tells His people to think about pure, holy, righteous and proper things.  This is the only way that Christian men and women can overcome this problem.  They must commit their thought lives to God and hide God’s word in their hearts.  Then they can ovecome this problem.  Your promises today are, Rom 12:1-2 and Phil 4:8-9.  Your insightful saying are:  When aperson has friends they have everything they need.  True friendship is always shown in actions not words.