Never show favourtism.

In Gen 37:3-4, there is a powerful lesson on not showing favourtism.  Jacob showed favour towards Joseph more than any of his other sons and this led to the brothers hating Joseph.  This hatred was so strong that they wanted to kill him.  Jacob made the mistake in choosing favourites.  He was willing to have his family fighting among itself so he that he could place honour upon one of his sons.  It is so important not to do that.  All children are a gift.  We should treat each one as if they are special.  They are of course different from each other.  They have their good and bad points but remember they are a combination of their mother and father.  One child may be a good musician, while another may be an athlete.  It is so important that we as parents show each child the respect that is due to them.  We should treat each child equally.  This will help them to grow up to have respect and fairness to others.  This will also help to avoid family squabbles when the children get older.  Make it your goal today to treat your children as equals and make them feel special.  Jacob did not and it cost him so much.