Never Tempt God

In Matt 4:6-7, Jesus is in the middle of the greatest fight of all time.  Here we have the Son of God face to face with the devil.  The devil is telling Him to throw Hismelf off the top of the temple and the angels will catch Him.  Jesus then fires back, "You will not put the Lord to a foolish test."  Through the the temptations in the wilderness Jesus quoted the Word of God.  To defeat the devil, circumstances and even our own lack of faith we need to stay in the Bible.  The bible contains over 10,000 promises and they are our foundation of faith.  When we are struggling with life that is when we must claim the Word of God.  When we need assurance that we are not fighting alone stand on the promises of the Bible.  In those days of doubt and confusion we stand on the promises of God.  The old hymn says, "I am standing on the promises of God."  Jesus stood and quoted the Word of God to the devil and we must do the same.  When the devil reminds us of our past, we must remind him of his future.  Today read the bible and find a promise and stand on it for the day and tomorrow do the same.  You will see your faith grow and you will the victory you need for that day.  Remember as your day goes so shall you strength be.  A promise from the Word of God.