No bad conversation

In Eph 5:4, Paul exhorts his readers to not allow obscene, vulgar or profane conversation proceed from their lips.  As Christians our speech often commends or condemns us.  People listen very carefully to what we say.  They often judge us based on our conversation.  Paul says that we are to use language that is considered right for a Christian.  Paul says the best way to guard against bad conversation is to always be a thankful person.  Being thankful will season every conversation you have with others.  You can be thankful for the wonderful salvation that has been given to you.  Be thankful for the righteousness, peace and joy that you have been given.  The grace, mercy, love, acceptance and forgiveness that you have the privilege to give to others.  Be thankful for the inheritance that is waiting for you.  The eternal and abundant life Jesus Christ purchased for through His death burial and resurrection.  Be thankful for the relationships that you have been given in Christ.  You are part of a great and wonderful family.  Walk in thanksgiving for all the benefits of heaven.  You have access to the throne of grace through prayer.  You have a compass for life which is the word of God.  You can fellowship with other believers and you have the privilege of sharing Christ with others.  When you are thankful for these things you will have no time for vulgar, profane and obscene conversation.  They will not be part of you.  So today walk in thanksgiving and in the joy of the Lord.