No harmony with the devil

No harmony with the devil – 1 Cor 6:15-16

Vs 15 – Paul continues with his thought parallelism.  What association does Christ have with the devil.  There is no harmony or same purpose.  What does the believer have in common with the unbeliever.  They do not view Christ as you do.  They are not going to the same eternity.  Their ruler is not your ruler.  They are earthly and you are heavenly.  

Vs 16 – Paul then strikes a reality of Corinthian society.  Corinth was the center for idol worship.  Paul says what agreement is there between the temple of God and idols.  Idols are worthless pieces of stone, wood and precious stones.  They represent the demonic world.  The temple of God is just that the temple of God.  Paul then closes off this verse by reminding the Corinthians and us that we are the temple of God.  We are the habitation of God.  We are the temple of the living God.  Idols are nothing but dead representations of man.