Do not know Jesus

Attempt to kill Jesus – John 8:21-59


For the last couple of days we have camped on the passage because of the richness and beauty of this account.


1.       Jesus told the people there He was the truth but they would not believe in Him.  He who belongs to God hear what God is saying.  Those there did not so they did not belong to the Father.  Obedience to the truth is essential.

2.       Jesus came to honor His Father, not to seek glory for Himself a great lesson to learn today.  The one who hears Jesus’ words will never die.

3.       Those there claimed that Jesus was demon possessed but Jesus told them that he came to glorify the Father.  Jesus knew the Father but the people did not.

4.       Jesus knows the Father will always keep His word.  Abraham rejoiced when he saw the day of Jesus.

5.       Jesus claim that before Abraham was, He was or He is the great, “I am.”  Jesus claim to be God.  John says that Jesus was God with a face.  Jesus was 100% God and 100% man.   The perfect union of the divine and the natural.

6.       Jesus claim to be God and the Messiah and the wonderful thing is that He back it up with the resurrection.

7.       After this speech the people picked up stones to kill Jesus but they could not because His hour has not yet come.  Jesus decides the place, time and method of death and not man.