Notes on Prayer

Recently I have been reading a book on prayer by EM bounds.  Prayer of course is the most useful tool in our tool belt when it comes to communication with God.  Prayer in its simpliest form is talking with God and Him talking back to us.  Prayer is all powerful because God is all powerful.  Prayer is that time where we hear the voice of God and get to know His will.  Prayer is the avenue in which we learn the will, plans and purposes of God.  Prayer is the time in which we are spiritually refreshed and recharged.  There is no greater joy than prayer.  Prayer is the highest calling.  The reason prayer is so important it is what Jesus is doing right now.  He is speaking to His father on our behalf.  He is making intercession for us right now.  Prayer is also the time where we can talk to God on behalf of others.  Everyday, I spend time with God in prayer and it is here that I get to intecede and bring others to God to see them find Christ and come to know His will for their lives.  I love to pray because it is time well spent.  In prayer a person gets to know God.  It is time where our inner world is brought into line.  We know what God wants for our lives and His will becomes clear.  When you do not pray you cannot know God`s will, or thoughts and ways.  My exhortation for you today is to pray and get to know God.  It will be te best time of the day and the most profitable.