Nothing is Impossible

In Luke 1:37, the angel Gabriel told Mary that with God nothing is impossible.  Now I am not going to give a Christmas message today but I do want to focus on the fact that with God nothing is impossible.  We saw this in action in the life and ministry with Jesus Christ.  He did the impossible.  He commanded the winds and the waves to stop and they did.  He raised people from the dead, cured all kinds of sickness and diseases.  Of course Jesus ultimate act of doing the impossible was when He rose from the dead.  These realities demonstrate that God though Jesus Christ can do the impossible for you.  Paul wrote in Eph 3:30, that the Lord can do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.  So with these promises backing our prayers we can see the impossible.  I love knowing that when I pray the impossible is possible.  Recently a lady in our church had been unable to sell a piece of property.   In fact this problem had been going on for a few years.  Every time she would get close something would happen and the deal would fall through.  Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit I told her to go and anoint her house with oil and then release it to the Lord.  Within two hours after doing what I told her to do, she had two offers to sell.  It was marvelous.  God does the impossible when we listen to Him and do His will.  Remember He is the God of the impossible so whatever you are facing today turn it over to Him and see the impossible become possible.