Nothing to worry about.

Paul writes in Phil 4:6-7 that we do not have to be anxious or fearful for anything.  All we have to do is present our needs and requests to the Lord in prayer.  What comes next is so beautiful.  The peace of God that is beyond undrestanding will fill our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  What a wonderful promise.  You can pray and God promises to bring peace and joy to our hearts.  You will have all the peace you need because you pray.  These wonderful gifts are from the Father of Lights and He is above all and in all.  Today when ever you feel overwhelmed or anxious.  When concern and fear grip you. Take a moment to pray.  Talk to God about the situation and watch Him work.  It is wonderful how in that moment His peace fills your heart.  All of a sudden you just know everything is going to work out.  His strength, anointing and sense od victory fills your heart.  The problem does not seem so big any more.  You know God is able.  So let God fill you with His peace and stay in victory today.