Nov 12 – Vignettes on Prayer


When we arrived in Lacombe we were naïve and inexperienced.  I made my share fair of mistakes.  Full of zeal and a desire to make a difference and yet not being a person of prayer at the time I needed someone to pray me through.  Little did I know that God had strategically place someone where there and that was Agnes McAlister.  She prayed for this young zealous, inexperienced young man night and day.  I went to a Ministers Seminar in Lethbridge, Alberta and heard Glen Cole a pastor from California who told of a story where in his first church he greeted all the people who were not there.  I went back to Lacombe and the following Sunday greeted all the people who were not there.  At the time some would consider that a foolish declaration.  Two years later when the church was full it was Agnes McAlister who pointed out this faith declaration.  She told the congregation she thought I was naïve but that morning the church was full.  She smiled and told the church to give the Lord a clap offering which they did.  Faith sometimes seems foolish but God uses our faith to make things happen and it is wonderful to have an experienced pray warrior backing you.