Nov 15 – Psalm 139:4 – Before


This is an amazing psalm.  David says before a word formed on His tongue the Lord knew it.  Gabriel

Said the same thing in Dan 2:23 and 10:12.  Before the request was out of our mouth, the answer was

Already on the way.  This is both a scary and exciting thought.  Scary because we say so many foolish

Things.  Our words can restore or condemn us.  Words can be healing or a disease.  We are the only

Creatures on this planet who can speak blessing and curses out of the same mouth.  The power of the

Tongue is amazing.  James says it is like a blaze.  It can set a world on fire.  That is why David said in

Another psalm to put a watchman on his mouth that He would not sin against the Lord.  Our exhortation

Today is simple.  Watch what you say or you can get burned by it.