Nov 15 – Vignettes in Prayer


In our last vignette we were introduced to a trio of fine ladies praying for our church.  You need groups like this to be a buffer in prayer.  John Maxwell calls them secret partners in prayer.  Often pastors do not know they exist because God raises them up.  Thankfully God does and if your church has these you are blessed and protected.  These ladies were praying and in March of 1893, we invited an old time Pentecostal evangelist name Eunice Meyers.  She played the accordion, spoke in a loud manner like the average evangelist in that day.  When she laid hands on you her habit was to shake you.  She often would hit you with a blow to the head which she called the touch of power.  Truth be told, if you did not go down under the power, the blow to the head would knock you over.  I called her the “Holy Ghost boxer.”   Here you have a 1940’s revivalist in a 1980’s setting.  Could God do anything with this unlikely candidate?  With God all things are possible especially when you have a trio of intercessors praying.  Where two are three agree on anything in prayer it shall be done for them.