Nov 18 – No darkness – Psalm 139:11-12


Darkness in the Jewish mindset was evil.  Darkness meant that sin could be hid.  Jesus said, that men

Loved darkness rather than light.  Terry Jacks in one of his songs said that evil grows its part of us.  Evil

grows in cracks and holes and lives in people’s minds.  Our minds and hearts without Christ

Are evil.  Without redemption men think only of themselves.  There is no standard for them.  Yet

Darkness cannot stop God.

David writes that even the darkest place God’s light can shine through.  You see He has the ability to

Shine his light in our darkest time.  Nothing can stop or separate us from God’s love.  David knew this

And he reminds us of that today.  You may feel you are in dark place.  A place of evil and feel smothered

By it.  God sees you and has the answer.  He sees your fears, struggles and worries.  The beautiful thing

Is that He is the answer.  One man wrote if Jesus is not your answer than you are asking the wrong

Question.  Andre Crouch back in 1969 wrote that Jesus is the answer for the world today, above there is

no other Jesus is the way.  So true.  So ask Jesus to help you and His light will shine through.