Nov 21 – Rescue me – Psalm 140:7-8


David throughout this Psalm has been surrounded by his enemies.  They have only one thought and

That was his destruction.  We have three main enemies, the world, the flesh and the devil.   The devil

Has one agenda to rob, kill and destroy.  It is in these times we need divine protection and help.  David

Reminds the Lord that He is our shield in the middle of the battle.  It is so wonderful to know that the

Lord has given us armor for the fight.  We have a shield of faith.  David reminded that His head is

Protected.  Jesus has given us a helmet of salvation to protect our minds from the attack of the enemy.

David cries out that the plans and desires of the wicked to succeed.  Grant instead your protection

For your people.  Is that your cry today?  Are you in the middle of a battle?  Do you feel overwhelmed?

Remember the Lord is there.  He has given you armor and weapons to defeat your enemy.  Remember

In the Lord you are an over comer, a victor and conqueror.