Nov 29 – Level ground – Psalm 143:10


David asks the Lord to help him to do the Lord’s will.  David has a relationship with God that was so close he wanted to do the will of God everyday.  Today the will of God is contained within the pages of the bible.  The bible is the last authority in faith and practice.  The bible contains God’s word today.  The Bible is like Ezra said in Psalm 119, a lamp unto feet and a light unto our path.    David wanted the Lord to teach him his word.  Today we have the Holy Spirit who will take what He hears and will share it unto us.  Before you read the word of God ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you need to know.

David then acknowledges that the Lord is Lord and he then asks the Holy Spirit to lead him to level ground.  The Holy Spirit promises to lead us into all truth.  When the Lord is working even uneven ground will be made level.  What David looking for is consistency, stability and maturity.  The Lord will give is all of that and more as we seek Him and call unto Him.