Nov 5 – Vignettes on Prayer


In this snap shot we are going to hear Daniel Nash’s final thoughts on prayer.  “Since you were here I have been thinking of prayer–particularly of praying for the Holy Ghost and its descent. It seems to me I have always limited God in this request…. I have never felt, till since you left us, that I might rationally ask for the whole influence of the Spirit to come down; not only on individuals, but on a whole people, region, country, and world. On Saturday I set myself to do this, and the devil was very angry with me, yesterday for it. I am now convinced, it is my duty and privilege, and the duty of every other Christian, to pray for as much of the Holy Spirit as came down on the day of Pentecost, and a great deal more. I know not why we may not ask for the entire and utmost influence of the Spirit to come down, and, asking in faith, see the full answer…. I think I never did so freely ask the Holy Ghost for all mankind. My body is in pain, but I am happy in my God…. I have only just begun to understand what Jesus meant when He said, ‘All things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.’  “I have felt a little like praying that I might be overwhelmed with the Holy Ghost, die in the operation, and go to Heaven thus; but God knows.”  Nothing else needs to be said.