Nov 9 – Vignettes on Prayer


The year was 1980,I was at the time the youth pastor at a church called Highway Christian Center.  Our church had been growing at a wonderful rate.  In two years we went from some 30 people to close to 150.  My youth group went from 2 to 40 youth and young adults.  God was working powerfully.  My wife Lois was the church secretary.  Our other responsibilities were the music department.  One day we were in prayer and felt that it was time to step out in faith.  We informed our lead pastor Stan Lagore of our desire to move on.  We did not know what God has in store for us but we felt led to launch out in faith.  A little lesson here is that when you hear the Lord speak, don’t be afraid to step out.  Abraham left for Canaan not knowing what was going to happen but he trusted God.  We were on our way to our Canaan.