I had Lauralee Fanning from Neighbours Outreach Wetaskiwin on the "Morning Show" Thursday morning.  Here’s some information about the organization and how you get get involved.

 NOW’s current focus is;

1.  Breakfast Program

                -has went from three days a week to seven days a week.

                -during this program we provide food, clothing, showers and all toiletries.  This is a time of compassion, love we are feeding the hungry, and providing for the homeless, the addicts, prostitutes.  Just as the Lord Jesus walked with the Lost.  This said we are now holding them accountable their needs are met but not their wants..we are not on a rescue mission but a mission from the Lord.

                -we pray with them in the morning and now are even having the
opportunity, at times, to read the Word and share the gospel.


2.  The Coffee Chapel

                -this program is from 1-3:30 this is a time of prayer, reading the
Word, evangelism outreach.  The Lord needs to be at the center of
all we do here and this is NOT a time for feeding the physical needs
but only the spiritual.

                -we provide coffee and a snack but this is paid for by our patrons
and friends

                -we also have been donated, craft supplies, guitars etc.for their

                -this time is only for growth, and they are STILL coming they WANT
to hear they WANT to know more and they are seeking, some have found
Jesus Christ, some are at a point where they are being convicted it
is incredible God is moving.


3.  We now have a Monday night prayer meeting that runs every Monday at 7:00

                -for all, for Wetaskiwin, NOW, our clients and we pray for ALL needs


4.  Now have staff, Network Coordinator, The Coffee Chapel Coordinator and the
Breakfast Coordinator

Since this new vision has been in place  the Lord has taken many  of our "friends"
into detox, others have gone back to school and even others have found jobs and are
trying to fit back into society.

The Lord has provided supplies, money and the like over the last view months
abundantly, I can forward some of the praise lists.the Lord is moving and we are
waiting on Him for our directions.

Truth is we can feed them, clothe them, but if they don’t know Jesus Christ they are
lost for eternity!!!

Our needs are not only basic food and clothing needs but also financial. It requires
approximately 7000.00 a month.