Obedient to the Will of God

In Luke 2:21-23, we see Jesus being brought by His parents to the temple on the day of His dedication.  We learn that every first born male was to be presented to the Lord.  The first born male was heir to the family name and fortune.  They carried the glory of the family and God according to Jewish tradition.  They were the Lord’s and the parents would have to buy the boy back paying the price of two doves.  This is what Mary and Joseph were doing at this time and they would meet two people who would confirm how special their child was and His destiny in this world.  God will always confirm His promises when we are obedient to what He tells us to do.  Today’s promises are:  Gen 3:15, Josh 1:5, Joshua 24:15, Isaiah 41:10, 53:6, Zech 4:6 and Mal 3:10.  Yorr Insightful Sayings are:  Success is a matter of perspective.  You may have riches and still be a failure as a person.  You can have nothing and be a success as a person.  God has never hiiden Himself from man’s view.  Creation delcares His glory and power.  Man has chosen to look in the wrong places and ways.