Oct 17 – Not Shaken – Psalm 125:1


This is known as a song of assent which was sung by Hebrew pilgrims as they traveled to Jerusalem.

In this psalm they are singing those who trust in the Lord will not be shaken.  Their lives have a solid

Foundation.  Jesus reminded his audience that you should be like the man who built his house on the

rock.  When the storms of life came the house stood firm.

Tradition tells us that when the temple in Jerusalem was being built a large stone was in the middle of

the work.  After a while after tripping over it the workers decided to move it.  It was taken to the valley

of Himmon and left there.  When the temple foundation was finished they ask the quarry to send them

the cornerstone.  They were told it was already sent.  To their surprise they had dispose the

cornerstone.  Thus the verse the stone the builder rejected was the cornerstone.  Build your life on Jesus

Christ and You will have a firm foundation and will not be shaken.