Oct 18 – He is good – Psalm 125:4


This is the constant theme through out the psalms.  The different psalmist relate their experiences

With the goodness of God.  Goodness is God’s character and essence.  He is merciful, kind and loving.  It

Is his last resort to punish.  God does not want any to perish but all to come to the knowledge of the


To those who do good and are upright the Lord will deal with them in the same manner.  How we live

Is important to God.  When we know Him we should reflect Him in our lives.  One of the great privileges

Of being a child of God is that you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you.  He will change you for the

Better and make you more like Jesus every day.  These are the communicated attributes of God.  Like

The old song says.  Make me more like Jesus.  Let that be your cry today.