Oct 21 – Unless – Psalm 127:1

Oct 21 – Unless – Psalm 127:1


This is such a powerful truth.  Unless the Lord is involved all our labor is in vain.  You can build a life

But without the Lord it has no real meaning.  Paul points in 1 Cor 13:1-2, that if we do not love the way

God’s wants us to love we will receive, produce of be of no value.  Think about it living your whole life

And it really meaning nothing.  I have performed and went to many funerals like that.  When I was a

Young man I was working at a Care Centre in my home town and one of the residents passed away.  I

Was compelled by my work to go to his funeral.  I along with the preacher, the funeral director were the

Only persons in attendance.  He had relatives but they decided not to show up.  Reality hit me that day.

Here was a man who had lived over 80 years and no one missed him.  No one cared.  A life wasted.

Our lives should have meaning and purpose.  We should be making a difference.  We do when we

Include the Lord.  He gives us direction, purpose and worth.  I knew a women in one of our churches

She was known as Grandma Wolf.  She never had children but was a blessing to all who knew her.

When she passed away she had hundreds attend her funeral.  She lived this verse.  Remember unless

the Lord builds all our labor is in vain.  You decided who is building your life.