Oct 25 – Vignettes on Prayer


In the last snap shot we found Daniel Nash confronting a group of rabble rousers.  Here we see what happens when a man full of the Holy Spirit and has been in the presence of God prays through.  Nash  was standing where he brought his hand down on the top of the pew before him, so as to make it thoroughly jar. He sat immediately down, dropped his head, and groaned with pain.

“The house was as still as death, and most of the people held down their heads. I could see that the young men were agitated. For myself, I regretted that Brother Nash had gone so far. He had committed himself, that God would either take the life of some of them, and send them to Hell, or convert some of them, within a week. However, on Tuesday morning of the same week, the leader of these young men came to me, in the greatest distress of mind. He was all prepared to submit; and as soon as I came to press him he broke down like a child, confessed, and manifestly gave himself to Christ. Then he said, ‘What shall I do, Mr. Finney?’ I replied, ‘Go immediately to all your young companions, and pray with them, and exhort them, at once to turn to the Lord.’ He did so; and before the week was out, nearly if not all of that class of young men, were hoping in Christ.”  What a breakthrough.  God will do beyond what we ask if we prevail in prayer.