Oct 26 – Vignettes on Prayer


We learn that the secret of prayer is gathering together with others and praying till the glory comes down.  In the early days of the Pentecostal movement this was common.  When I first got saved in Claresholm I saw this over and over again.  Listen to this account.  “Finney depended more upon the prayers of Fathers Nash and Clary to bring down Holy Ghost revival than upon his own resistless logic of the great revival in Rochester, “Finney said that the key which unlocked the Heavens in this revival was the prayer of Clary, Father Nash, and other unnamed folk who laid themselves prostrate before God’s throne and besought Him for a divine out-pouring.”  In our next Vignette we will talk about the Rochester revival.  My prayer that this next account will move you to pray for your community in the same manner and do not give up until God pours out His Spirit.