Oct 28 – Psalm 132:1-5 Keep a vow

Oct 28 – Psalm 132:1-5 Keep a vow


In this Psalm we find David making a vow that he would not slumber or sleep until he has made a

place for the Lord to dwell.  He had a love for the house of the Lord.  Do you love the house of the Lord?

Have You made a vow to not miss going to his house?  Today most people have a carless view of going

To Church.  They will go when it feels right.  David knew the value of it.  He loved the house of the Lord.

He said in Psalm 122:1, that he was glad when they said let us go the house of the Lord.  Jesus made it

His weekly habit.  If going to church was valuable to Jesus and David it should be valuable to you.

We must give up our careless ways concerning this.  The writer of Hebrews stated that we should not

Forsake the assembling of ourselves together.  You will backslide easier if you forget God’s house.  It

Must be a vital part of your life.  So today ask the Lord to give you a love for His house like David.  Then

Make the decision that you will not miss church.  This is a choice and discipline.  David did and he was

A man after God’s heart and you can be as well.