Oct 28 – Vignettes on Prayer


In this Vignette we continue looking at the Revival in Rochester.  During the Rochester meetings there are several accounts of these two men in deep agony of soul while praying day and night. Some accounts name Nash, some Clary, others both. It seems they were together in fasting and prayer much of the time, weeping and crying out to God. Sometimes they lay prostrate without strength to stand up. Their concern over sinners being lost brought great stress to their minds and souls. They groaned under the load, they risked health and gave up comforts that the battle of the heavenlies might be won. Sometimes they “would writhe and groan in agony” over souls. God honored their burden-bearing and sent revival. Privately they prayed and publicly God answered. “Practically everyone in the city was converted. The only theater in the city was converted into a livery stable, the only circus into a soap and candle factory, and the grog shops (bars and taverns) were closed.”  Where two or three gather in my name Jesus said, He is in their midst and when two or three ask anything in mine name they will have it.  What a promise so get together with others and claim your community for God.