Oct 6 – Grant us – Psalm 118:25

Oct 6 – Grant us – Psalm 118:25


This verse has a twofold cry.  First, that the Lord would save us.  Oh how we need Him to do that.  We

find ourselves so often in pits that  the devil, others or ourselves have made.  What always strikes me is

that many of the problems we face are of our own making.  We create problems through our own pride

and mistaken abilities.  We think we are so smart, wise and creative.  In reality we need the Lord.  So

that we why we need the Lord so save us.

Next is we need His success.  How we measure success and how God measure success is quite

different.  We look at the tangibles.  Money, power, fame, popularity and material possessions.  God

looks at love, joy, peace, grace and mercy.  Jesus said, “you could gain the whole world and lose your

soul.”  True success is when you have done the will of God and been loving and gracious.  It is when you

fulfill the great commandment of love and the great commission of telling others in your world about

Jesus.  So Lord save us and make us successful in you want us to do today.