Old is New

In Genesis 11:3-5 is an account of the men and women who built the Tower of Babel.  In this account the chief aim of the builders was to make a name or themselves.  Their principle sin was pride.  Pride is the one thing that has led more people to fall or fail than anything else.  Pride comes from selfishness.  A person is always looking out for number one.  It is the thing that made satan fall and it also led to Saul failing.  The Bible says that God despises pride but He always gives place to the humble.  Pride leads men to exalt themselves and forget about God.  The chief principle of the Kingdom of God is, the one who wants to be great in God’s kingdom they must first learn to be the servant of all.  The second principle of the kingdom is that if you want to be first, you must learn to be last.  God always works opposite to the world.  As the people of Babel were confused and condemned for their pride so shall anyone who exalts themselves instead of God.  There is a popular song that states, "We are to forget about ourselves and concentrate on Him and worship Him"  Don’t let pride hinder your relationship with God this day.  Humility is not just an attitude it is way of life.  

   Here are some promise to help if you find yourself afflicted or dealing with health issues.  Job 36:15, Psalm 25:18, 28:7, 34:19, 119:50, Isaiah 49:13 & 63:9.