Old Testament points to Jesus.

   I love the book of Jeremiah in Jeremiah 23:5-6, we have a scripture pointing towards the Lord Jesus Christ,  He is known here as the Righteous Branch and the Seed.  The bible is full of symbolism on the vine and the branches.  Jesus Himself said in the book of John that He was the Vine and we are the branches.  He will be a King that will rule wisely.  Even Solomon in all his wisdom will only be a fraction as wise as Jesus.  Jesus will do right and just in the land.  I am looking forward to the reign of Jesus because for once the court system will be fair and just.  Unlike today.   In the days that Jesus rules the land, Judah will always be safe.  The name He will be called is the Lord our Righteousness.  God will look at His people and He will be pleased.  Today take hope in this passage about the fact that even though the world looks bad today, Jesus is coming back one day to rule.  Jesus came the first time as the suffering servant but when He comes back He will rule as the Conquering King.  What a day that will be when Jesus will come and rule.  We are going to rule with Him and under His reign all judicial decisions will be just and He will always rule wisely.  Your promises today are:  Prov 3:5-6, Matt 6:33, Psalm 33:1, 50:23, 149:1, Phil 4:6 and Heb 13:15  Your insightful sayings are:  Friendship is precious and should never be taken for granted or exploited.  True courage is standing up for your convictions when everyone else is abandoning theirs.