One day at a time.

This morning I was pondering what I could write and then it came to me.  Each day on the Morning Show, I pray that we would know that God`s mercies are new every morning and that we would know that this day was the Lord`s.  With this thought in mind I encourage you to live each day as if this was your last day on the planet because in reality it could.  I remember when I lived in the city of Salmon Arm a story about a man who decided to go up on his roof to shovel snow off of it.  An everyday task for most of us who live in the mountains and in areas where lots of snow is a reality.  He went up on his roof like he had many times before to do a task he had done many times before.  That day was different in one aspect.  He fell off the roof and broke his neck and died instantly.  He was a father of two small children.  I remember how that devastated the community.  I also remember one of my neighbours coming to me d asking the Lord into their heart because they thought about how fragile life really is.  My question to you today is, "àre you ready for eternity?"  I know I am and I am also ready to live this day over the Lord.  I want to make meximum impact in the minimum of time.  I know this could be be my last day on this planet so I want to effect as many people as I can for the Lord.  I trust you do as well.  My last thought is this.  Can we live our lives so well that the preacher does not have to lie at our funeral.