One generation


Dec 11 – One generation – Psalm 145:4


     David tells one generation to tell the other generation about the Lord and His mighty works.  Moses told the people of his day that they were to speak about the Lord in every day life.  Whatever activity they were involved in it could become a life lesson about the Lord.  Children will easily catch the faith we possess when they see it active in our lives.  The secret is to pray for opportunities and then act on them when they come.  Everyday is a class and every opportunity a chance for education. 

     It is the responsibility of every believer to pass on what they have receive.  Paul said that 1 Cor 11:23, when he said, “that which I have I will pass unto you.”  So pass on what you have to the next generation.  The next leaders are waiting for you.  You never know if you will have a Billy Graham or Mother Theresa being influence by you.