One Thing

March 7 – Psalm 27:5 – One Thing

    David is still testifying.  One thing he asks of the Lord and the one thing He seeks.  David has a wish, an aim and goal.  That He could dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of His life.  He wanted the presence, personality and goodness of the Lord with Him always.  He knew the anointing, enablement, authority and glory of the Lord was in His house.  He did not want to leave that.

     To gaze on the beauty of the Lord.  David in Ps 96:9, talks about the beauty of holiness.  Living without blame and sin and walking in forgiveness, grace, mercy and love.  This is beautiful.  David wanted to seek the Lord in His temple.  David was passionate about God.  He wanted to know experience and realize God.  He knew the cleansing of the Lord.  How the Lord heals every aspect of life.  Today pattern your life after David and you will live like a king.