Open heavens

Open heavens – Rev 4:1-2


Vs 1 – John looked and there was a door standing open in heaven.  John is looking around waiting for the next event to happen.  Then the voice that sounded like a trumpet tells him to come over and he was about to be shown what was going to happen next.  Two thoughts, the voice that sounds like a trumpet, is a herald about to announce the next major event and the door standing in heaven is a window in the future.  God wishes to announce to you His will, plan and purposes.  He will give you a glimpse but not the whole picture because of our tendency to run ahead and try to make things happen.

Vs 2 – Immediately, John finds himself in the Spirit witnessing a throne with someone sitting on it.  The reality is that the only way to we are going to see or experience God is in the Spirit.  Jesus said, in John 4:24, that the only way to worship God is to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  Today worship the Lord and worship him in truth it is the only way to really worship.