Our call

In Isaiah 43:21, the prophet explains why we have been formed.  If you have ever wondered why you were created this is one very strong reason.  Isaiah tells us that God formed us as His people so that we may declare His praise.  When God created man He wanted people who would love and serve Him.  He did not create little robots who said, Yes, Lord, yes, Lord."  He gave us a will that we could freely love Him and others.  Free will is a great gift.  You can choose for yourself what kind of person you want to be and if you want to serve God or not.  God in His mercy and love allows this choice because when someone loves you for who you are there is nothing like it.  Just talk to the young man or woman who falls in love for the very first time.  It takes them to the highest or most lovely emotions.  If that love is returned by another life feels complete and beautiful.  If that love is spurned or rejected it hurts like nothing else in life.  In i1 John 4:8, it tells us that God is love.  It is part of His nature.  He has communicated this attribute to us.  We have the capacity to love and return love to others.  When it is given freely it completes us and the one we give it too.  As God’s children we were formed by Him.  We are His act of love.  When we fulfill God’s plan for our lives then we show forth His praise.  Our lives become a witness of God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness.  We become His instruments of care and healing.  Showing forth His praise means that we became His ambassadors and representatives.  People see what God is really like through us.  They see love, mercy, grace, peace and joy through us.  They see how we love with no strings attached and forgive immediately when hurt or offended.  These things show His praise.  So today remember you have been formed by God to show forth His praise.  Do it and you will be complete and whole for His praise and glory.