Our Golden Calves

In Exodus 33, the golden calf was one of the worst blots in Jewish history.  God had done so many great things for Israel up to that time and yet they stilled turned away.  This act of rebellion brought death and cancellment of God’s plan for these people.  1 Sam 15 brings out rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft.  Rebellion can come in many forms and in different stages of life.  The Christian must be careful to not allow rebellion to enter their lives.  God wants a vessel who is willing to be obedient and faithful.  These qualities are what the Christian will be judged upon.  Make that your desire.  Also look deep into your heart about your thought patterns, words, deed and attitudes.  This is where rebellion can be hidden.  Jesus made it clear that it is not what goes into the body that defiles but what comes out.  The mouth only speaks what is in the heart.  Our promises today are Rom 12:1-2, Phil 4:8-9, James 4:7, 1 John 4:4.