Our Guide

April 30 – Our Guide – Psalm 48:14

     As we close off this month and psalm here are some things to consider.  God is our God forever.  God will never leave or forsake you.  When He makes a commitment to you He will never revoke it.  Next, God will be our guide right to the end.  Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide us.  He will show us God’s will, plan and purpose for your life.  He will take us through everything in life and will be our guide, help, comfort, strength and victory.  You will become an overcomer, victor and conqueror but remember to become these you have to overcome, fight and conquer things and foes.

     There is a battle called life but in the end you win.  The Holy Spirit gives resurrection power, anointing and strength for the battle.  He will guide, direct and help you but you have to do the fighting and the warfare.  The world. Flesh and the devil will not let you sail through life unopposed but remember they are already defeated.  Amen