Outline for 2012

2012 is now upon us and Am 930 the Light is ready for the New Year.  The outline of this year is all about enouraging, enlightening and inspiring you.  The main component of the AM 930 the Light programming is the spoken word.  Our many programs concentrate on revealing Jesus Chrst to your life and world.  This year it is my desire that the morning show continues in that tradition.  I have five focuses in my personal life.  First, that I would keep my prayer life fresh and exciting.  Prayer is a time of communication and hearing what the Lord has for us.  Secondly, I will be focusing on the Bible the Word of God.  The Bible is God’s thoughts and will for His people.  It is a revelation of the character and nature of God.  Thirdly, I will focus on fellowship.  The connecting of God’s people for friendship and mutual support.  Fourthly, on evangelism.  Telling people about Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers through His death, burial and resurrection is paramount.  The whole purpose of the morning show is spread the good news of Jesus Christ and we do not apologize for that.  Lastly through the power of the Holy Spirit is the anointing, authority, power, enable, wisdom, clarity and boldness that comes to communicate the message of the morning show. As we go through 2012, I will keep these priorities as a focus.  All these priorities will be tempered with love so that all motives behind the morning show are God’s motives and not mine.