Overcomer and victor

Feb 24 – Overcomer and victor Rev 3:5-6
Vs 5 – Now a to the message to the overcomer and victor. They will be like these few in Sardis. They will be dressed in white. The blood of Jesus has cleansed them. They are clothed with righteousness, peace and joy. They are pure in the sight of the Lord. The next promise is wonderful, the Lord will not blot their name out of the book of life. Never separated from God and being with Him for eternity. What a fantastic promise. The Lord will acknowledge them before the Father and the angels, heralded as a son and daughter of God. Given recognition in heaven and before eternity. This is the promise to them that overcome. That is why being an over comer is so wonderful and fantastic. Glory in heaven, recognition for the being of eternity. What a great reward,

Vs 6 – All who have ears to hear listen. Do not miss what is being said here. It has great significance to our future. There is warning and reward here. There is reality and truth. Let all hear what the Spirit is saying the church. Each message has application to the believer’s current situation. Never ignore what the Bible and the Spirit are saying they are vital and important