Overcoming Fear

In Gen 32:1-8 we learn that fear can be a very destructive force if not dealt properly.  Jacob was afraid of his own brother.  He had deceived his brother out of his blessing and birthright.  Now Jacob was afraid that his brother would come and seek revenge on him by killing him and his family.  That is why he divided his family thinking that if Esau attacked at least one group of his family would escape.  God has a lesson for us today.  It says in the book of 1 John that perfect love casts out all fear.  God had done a work in Esau’s heart.  Esau at one time was filled with hatred and bitterness but over time God replaced that hatred with his perfect love.  Esau only wanted to see his brother and welcome him.  Esau is an example of a changed heart.  When he was young he was one way and after God changed his heart he was another way.  A good lesson to learn.  It is God that changes our heart.  Jacob did not know that until he met his brother and saw the change.  Fear can move people to do things they would not ordinarily do.  It blinds, destroys and hurts people.  The only way to be free is to replace it with something stronger.  Love is the strongest force under God.  Let God’s love dwell deep within you  and let it cast out all your fear.  Love gives you power and a sound mind.